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The North Trip Ltd

phone: 04-6896762

fax: +972-4-6895930
Mobile : +972-50-8371402

smoothie bike israel Tel-aviv, Jerusalem

Nice to meet,

We’re bike people. Our center is your main address for all matters pertaining to cycling.



We call them TRIP SHAKE, because it's a fruit shake traveling all over the world. J


Static bicycles with blender attached to them, manufactured and designed by us. Pedaling produce human energy by transferring the rotational movement of the wheel transmitted to the Blender.

The crowd pedaling enjoy the result of: natural smoothies, healthy and delicious, in a minute!


SMOOTHIE BIKE – Great for promotion

Draws the audience to come to the counter, to participate and be involved, laugh and have fun and leave with fresh smoothies, natural and tasty.

Activity experienced by all five senses


  • You can put branding on the bike to give the desired impression.

SAP Conference - click here

TRIP SHAKE at the beach - click here


For more information you are welcome to contact us

Best regards

תודה רבה על פנייתך

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